by Glasswork

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Our first LP.
Self Produced and self published, by Glasswork and Niko Hartmann.
Mastered and mixed by Niko Hartmann at eternal Studios.

Artwork by Gala Fiz.
Photos by Tania Cervera.
Layout by Noisy Pope.


released March 6, 2015

Rey / Rodríguez / Sabín



all rights reserved


Glasswork AL, Spain

Progressive Rock band from Spain.

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Track Name: Hopeless
Hopeless desires neglected by the visions from above,
hopeless desires skipping through the thunders of the storm.

Reminding us what the whole world's meant to be,
but fading up the horizon onto me.

Seeking truth into the skies...

What does it feel to see from where nobody's been before?
What does it feel to be standing at the fullness of the world?
Hopeless desires...

I'll give you everything inside of me,
I'll give you everything that's underneath,
I'll give you everything i've got inside and won't you help me? Won't you help me understand?
Won't you help me while I'm trying to understand?

What does it feel to see from where nobody's been before?
What does it feel to be standing at the fullness of the world?
Track Name: Song for Ariadne
Traces and branches' been seeding this night of despair.
Forcing the eyes of her conciousness, see what's ahead.

Thinking I was right.
Thinking I could find...

Stay where you belong!
Stay where you came from!

Desperate tries to adquire the art of no losing control.
I've run from her face, her arms, her shade, so many times before...

Hoping I was right.
Hoping I could find...


Stay in the shoreline, stay...
Stay in the shoreline where I met Ariadne...
Track Name: Beside Me
Back, back to the river. Back, back to the lake.
There she must be waiting, facing her grave.
Back, back to the river. Stare, become aware.
See, weather has changed, softening the air...

Back to the river, by cracking the limbs.
Exploring the secrets, facing fears.
Down to the river, timely sleep.
Washing in silver, sacred des.

There she must be chasing waves.

I've back to the river, I've back to the lake, washing in silver, sacred dew... again

There, something remains on the waves...
Track Name: Being Man
He was an easy man, a clever man, a good one.
He liked the right things, enjoyed the fair things, nice doings.
He lived the good way, the hard way, strong thoughts.
He was said the man-making-words, or so.

Was just the being man.

He deserved to grow up, deserved to exist, he was sure.
He was growing up, even existing. He was totally sure!
He lived among the others, withing the world.
He used to speak to his fellas, his beloveds...

Was just the being man.

And he knows perfectly how to love, how to make love.
And he was out his cavern to ensure he's, he can't be, just the being man.

And he knows exactly how to love, how to recieve love.
And he was out his bottle, his moat, to ensure he's, he can't be, just the being man.
Track Name: Flip a Coin
It's been so long since last time the thesis faced the reality.
No synthesis comes from no neurosis, a step is missed.

Progeny of the original sin, mistaking the faith knight with psychopathy.
To know is to have seen; to see oneself in another, what a jump.
Track Name: A Single Word (Part.II).
Atomic Fuzz, and cosmic vibes.
Forget the sight, embrace the light.
Dismiss your fate, and heritages,
asume the will, pursue the unreal.
See the unseen, catch the breeze,
and walk again through the stone of years.
Release yourself from gravity,
and force the spoon, that has to bend.

A Single Word.