Fear And Trembling

by Glasswork

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Our second new album
Based on Danish writer Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling novel

Self Produced and published by Rock Izar Records label.
Mastered and mixed by Niko Hartmann at Eternal Studio between March and November 2016.

Technical assistance by Daniel García
CD design by Noisy Pope (noisypope.com)

Dedicated to Lucas, Neo, Fede...


released March 31, 2017

Sabín / Rodríguez / Domínguez / Rey



all rights reserved


Glasswork AL, Spain

Progressive Rock band from Spain.

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Track Name: Fear (The Paradox)
If this be not The Paradox,
Then we are astray:

As a man whose soul is beset with sorrow,
Whose breast for stifled sobs cannot draw breath.

What would life be but despair,
If there were no eternal consciousness
In a man?
Track Name: Oceans (Unite the Earth)
Waves roll by. The tide is turning.
Save your breath and deadly silence.

A wise man should trust reason.
Holding Faith you’ll find… guidance?

They can see through the clouds;
We unveil their realm.

Nature’s veil must be released.
Sometimes truth looks in disguise.
That is not the bound: you have nothing to fear.

Not just ciphers and degrees;
It’s repealing the divine.
This path is the only answer.

They can see through the clouds;
We unveil their realm.

Verb made flesh, made law.
Track Name: Desert Shapes (The Son's Enigma)
Don’t worry son: God will provide.
Silent father guide me through the bitterness of time.
Far away from every knowledge is Your Might.

Failing in conquer: desert domains.
Absent father guide me through the experience of life.
Far away from possibility lies Your Mind.

How do I remain in silence?
How do I restrain, again?
I think it’s time to know,
Because I think I’m ready to now

Follow the steps that lead beyond the way.
How do I remain in silence? How do I restrain, again?
I think it’s time to know, and I think I’m ready to know.
Track Name: Desert Shapes (Coda)
The experience itself… It’s quite disturbing.
Roaming through the Earth in circles. In circles…

The experience itself, you can’t consider.
Instead embrace the day, ahead…
Track Name: A Song for Sarah (About Silence And Virtue)
Something will be done through the lifetime,
Something that itself contains much pain.
Others cannot know:
For the one who keeps in silence,
Stands within The Paradox.

Silence, by no means, has the intention:
Bestowing salvation on the sacrifice.
Others cannot know,
Since this thought could never be fully understood.

Above the universal law,
And related to the holy absolute.

Will I find the strength,
And confront the universal law?
And relate myself to the holy absolute?
Track Name: A Conundrum (For the Existence)
And now you come to tell me
“A wise man is the one who doesn’t suffer”.

Beyond the consciousness, every sense men create.
Turn oneself in life, whatever happens.

I saw his light,
Flowers bloomed around.
Could it be as obvious as it seems?

Verb made flesh. Faith Knight.
Above myself I cannot apprehend.

Beyond the consciousness, every sense men create.
Turn oneself in light.
Track Name: The Road (Infinite Resignation)
Now I see beyond me.
The road I’ve followed stands before the years.
And may I never defeat my fears.
But someday, I hope, I’ll get here.
Track Name: Trembling (The Weight of Golden Crowns)
“Here’s the trembling again”,
Someone said behind the courtain.
Here’s the trembling. Here’s the trembling, again.
Somehow living in denial.

Each death concerns me for I am involved in mankind, as a part of the main.
Therefore, never send to know for whom the bells toll:
They toll for us all.

Communing with the past. Puzzled eyes will gaze attention.
The weight of golden crowns requires certain intention.

Arguing with the blame we’ll set ourselves out of the meaning.
We shall embrace the day, hoping and wishing we won’t fail.

Here’s the trembling again!
The weight of golden crowns awaits for you to take.